What is Turbo-K

Turbo-K® is the only gas turbine compressor cleaner with no cloud point temperature. Unlike all other gas turbine compressor cleaners Turbo-K® is stable at all temperatures during the on-line cleaning (hot wash) process. There is no redepositing of dirt collected from cold sections to hot sections as is the case with other cleaners that break down as they exceed their cloud point temperatures. Turbo-K® carries all fouling removed from every stage directly into the combustion chamber.

On-line cleaning of gas turbine compressors is the most effective method of preventing gas turbine fouling, and provides:

  • Maximum available power output
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Reduction of wear and tear on machine components such as bearings & blades
  • Extension of the period between necessary gas turbine shut-downs for off-line washings, thus reducing costly downtime and production losses.

Turbo-K® is also highly effective for off-line washing (crank wash) as its detergents work together in synergy to produce cleaning power many times greater than what would have been expected of them individually.